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Simpsons Comics Colossal Compendium Vol.03

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Мэтт Грейнинг (Matt Groening)

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«Everyone in Springfield is getting into the swing of things in this collection of Simpsons comic stories. Start off with a little ring-a-ding-ding from the new “King of Cool” Professor Frink, some harmless daydreaming from Bart’s pal Milhouse, some bedtime nursery rhyming with Maggie Simpson, and a bit of back-in-the-day, nostalgic reminiscing from Mr. Burns.

Even a tyke-sized Homer tries his hand at some magical wishing, and Ralph Wiggum does a little role modeling. Then, Sideshow Bob goes slumming to exact his revenge, Bart sets about reinvigorating his favorite superhero comic magazine, and Homer thinks he’s seeing double when he discovers another brother from yet another mother.

This third volume in the Colossal Compendium series includes 5 carefully and specifically chosen comics, which work together to provide a deeper, darker meaning than each on its own.

For your convenience, included in Volume 3, is your very own cut and fold Kwik-E-Mart!* Thank you, please come again!

*Squishee machine not included.

The compendium series boasts heavier paper, an increased page count of 144 pages, and includes a unique and collectible paper craft. As the series progresses, fans will be able to assemble their own three-dimensional version of the city of Springfield and usher in a paper paradise.»

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